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    July 21, 2016 by Anthony tony deion bilardi

    Evil Ape are the main antagonists of Stuff Animals. They are a part of the villain of the series

    The Ape Lived in the Bed Corner and everybackground where he lives.

    the Ape Was the evil queen and sit on his chair and say the magic word and spoke to the magic mirror and the same thing is the tiger said it was the white bunny Snow White so he took the snake out of the woods and kill her with the sword. In the the series, he spoke to the magic mirror again then he say it again it was white bunny again then he went down stairs and use his poison to drink on then he transform to a witch and give an idea to kill the bunny in the night of the castle he made an apple to poison to the bunny and give it to him and walk out to the the morning …

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