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Snow Monster<Stuff Animals Villains>
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Hades the Green Dinosaur | Pain and Panic The Green Octopus and Pink Octopus | Orange Snake and Green Snake Double Green Snake | Strong Man | Purple Octopus | Green Crocodile | Evil Guard | Blue Madame Mim ] Gray Cat and White Cat | Orange Monkey |Gray Rat |Jadis The Queen Snake |Oogie Boogie The Yellow Lion| Kaa The Blue Snake| Orange Tiger Shere Khan | King Louie the Bear|Black Cat | Black Bird|Black Guard | Green rabbit | Brown Bear | Orange Fox| Orange Lizard | | | | | King Louie the Bear| White Man | Brown Man Sheriff of nottgham | Scar The Dog | Ape | Green Crocodile |White BunnyMrs Boss Toad | Blue Quaill Black Cat | Black Bird|Black Guard | Green rabbit | Brown Bear | Orange Fox| Orange Lizard || Orange Tiger Shere Khan | King Louie the Bear| White Man | Brown Man Sheriff of nottgham | Scar The Dog | Ape | Green Crocodile | Black Penguin | Purple Elephant | Dark Green Crocodile | Captain Snake Hook| Mr Smee | Pirates | Light Green Snake | Madame Mim Gray Cat|Black Shark |Ape | Green Crocodile | White Bunny Green Man|Mcleach Bear|Cow|Green Frog|Cat in the hat ramsley|Green Long Neck Dinosaur|Ghost Mask|Big Green Dinosaur|Edgar the Gray Dolphin|Gray Elephant|Green Dinosaur Rex|Green Witch|Purple Octopus|Green Crocodile and Blue Crocodile|Big Bad Wolf|Alonzo Hawk the Orange Tiger|Man Hunters|Horse|Gray Bear|Black Man|Princess|Red Grab|Light Brown Bear|Hench Green Man|Blue Dragon|Scar The Dog|Three Dinosaurs|Green Lizard|White Polar Bear|Dog|White Small Dog|Big Brown Stuff Horse|Blue Monkey|Deer Bear|Big Snake|Red Lord Grab|Green Snake|Young Lion|White Evil Bear|Snake|Brown Bunny|Wicked Witch of the West|King|Blue Dog|Blue Octopus|Green Caterpillar Mole | Blue Shark | Black Double Snake | Bear Grizzly | Red Spiderman | Black Dinosaur | Monkey | Orange Snake Double ] Brown Bear | White Tiger Small |Yellow Dog |Green Floby Frog |Yellow Tiger| White Ratcoon| Green Small Crocodile | Light Green Frog|Starfish | Blue Snake|Brown Snake | Green Snake | Orange Lizard | [[Two Animals]|Brown Sqquirell|Brown Lizard|Purple Crocodile |Mr Dark The Snake |Yellow Bird |Brown Monkey|Gray Elephant Puppet|Red Snake| Red Queen Snake |Black Fury Cat | Zebra | Green Turtle Small|Fat Turtle |Green Trex|Gray Bear|Black Dragon|cat draw|Frankenstin Face | Dinosaur Neck|Graffe | White Small Dog | Orange Tiger Small |Black Small Snake|White Tiger|Orange Caterpillar| Lion Orange | Evil Snake|Snake |Black Dog| King Candy Gray Dolphin|Big Lion|Brown Dinosaur|Green Spider | Orange Bear|Voldmort|Porcuinpine|Lion|Red evil grab|Small Brown Bear|White Small Cat|Heffluamp |Brown Ape|Black Car and Yellow Car |Green Bus| White big Bear|Black Dolphin|White small bunny|EVIL lION|Brown Alien Dinosaur|Yellow Bunny|Black Dog|Magnet|Electro|Green Gobin|Rhino|Darth Vader|Evil Plane|Big Octopous Bear|Small People|Baby Frankenstin|two dinosaurs|Blue Quiall|White Duck|Small Bear|Hoppers|three hound dogs|sky man|Mr Toad Boss|[Ghost]]|Gray Warlus|Purple Shark|Brown Puppy|White Dog|Hunter Dogs|Evil Dinosaurs|Evil Birds

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Carface |Killer |Nightmare Felloews |[Big Bully]] |Nightamre Moon |Evil Queen

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Man Black Bat | Brown Man |Green Man Queen of Hearts | Jabberwocky | Butler | Scrooge | Ghost of Jacob Marley | Mr Black Shark | Brother Black Shark | Bowler Hat Guy | Quastimondo | Titan | Ramsley | Evil House | Mean Dog | Evil Man| Fafousa|Evil Black Man Hunter | Evil Green Man | Monkeys | Orange Tigers | evil Orange Tiger| Hydra and Shark| Vutures| Evil Light Green Man | Witch | Count Olaf | Ra's A Ghoul | evil Master | Brown Man
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