Stuff Animals Show in episode 1 season season 5 he went to visit zeus and kill Hercules the Blue Dog

And give him the treasure to trap in here however hercules the puppy got it and it's his then he Leave then he came home in The Underworld Bed and talk to the three Animal Fates about his Future coming then if hercules defeat his plans he well be filled then he got an idea with Pain and Panic The Green Octopus and Pink Octopus to get rid of the dog and give him the potion to kill him.

in the middle he talk to gray cat and what happen to strong man then she said about hercules then he came angry at Pain and Panic the Octopous but he got a plan to kill the blue dog and give the Orange Snake The Hydra to kill him.

in the scene were the snake is he saw the blue dog attack The Hydra and he smile senses their two or three heads of Hydra. then he Said. "my favorite the part of the game sudden death" then he saw hercules crash the pillows and he died then he smiled however Hercules the Blue dog is Alive then he got Angry.

in the background he got mad at pain and panic again but he give an idea again with Gray Cat to get rid of his Powers to him then he said his word."your Freedom".

in the scene were she done singing about i won't love then he came back and talk to her then he came evil smile in his Face. then in the scene were gray Rabbit Leave he Meet the Green Dinosaur Hades the lord of the dead and talk about her Feelings about Him then he give his powers away and win it.

in the scene were Titans Free with Green Crocodile, Green Snake, Orange Snake, and Purple Octopus were attack zeus the gray dog and got him.

in the scene he watch zeus is trap but hercules still alive and fight the titans and let Zeus Come Outthen he Surprise then he flew away and go Home.

in the Scene were hades is he came angry again and again then blue dog came in and find Gray Cat and they went to the bathroom and found meg then Blue Dog Jump to the Tub and get Gray Cat to Save and got Her then he surprise"This is-- this is impossible! You, you, you can't be alive! You'd have to be a, a--" then he get to scream then blue dog punch his nose then talk to meg but Blue Dog Punch Him the Face and Green Dinosaur fall to the Topp and Flash Him The Tub.

{{Featured}}{{Infobox character |image = Hades Anthony Bilardi Studios transparent.png |films = ''[[Stuff Animals and little Animals Movie]]<br>[[Stuff Animals Movie 2]] |shows = ''[[Stuff Animal Show (TV series)|Stuff Animal Show] |games = ''[[Stuff Animals (video game) |inspiration = Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld<br>Satan<br>[[Jeffrey Katzenberg]]<br>Hera from Greco-Roman mythology |alignment = Bad |affiliations = [[Anthony Villains]] |goal = To rule [[Mount Olympus]] (failed) |home = [[Underworld underbed]] |friends = [[Villains]] |minions = [[Hunchmen]] |enemies = [[Stuff Animals]], Hades is among the most popular ''[[Anthony Villains]]'', in addition to being one of the franchise's primary members. ==Gallery== {{Gallerylink}}==References== {{Reflist}} {{Stuff Animal Show}} {{Stuff Animal Villains}} {{Stuff Animal Video Game}}

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